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Insta Live Series - Al Murchison - The Performance Chef

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Al started his days as a young man washing pots in the highlands of Inverness, before climbing to the very top of the game earning a Michelin Star! With success behind him he thought and looking for more, it all came crashing down around him. Al's biggest fall, gave him an opportunity, "The Performance Chef" was born. Al has worked with some of the best athletes on the planet and now runs a business helping people understand the importance of nutrition and fuelling to reach your potential, in a simple way all bespoke to you. In this first IGTV live, Al talks success, failure, life in the early days and Jason Kenny and his wish for a donkey! I hope you enjoy it. To find Al, head over to instagram and search @performance.chef

His book is available here:

Al mentions this book during the chat:



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