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Insta Live Series - Becci Skelton

Becci is a bad ass down hill mountain biker, and last year she smashed the British Downhill Series becoming the over all winner. Some feat considering the level of female British talent at the moment. I spoke to Becci looking for an insight into what it takes to pull on a helmet, strap on some pads, and race through a minefield of tree's, ruts, rocks and monster jumps chasing the stop watch. Becci speaks about her passion for the sport, how it all started and how she get's her game face on before racing. It was really fun speaking to Becci and understanding what drives and motivates her to be the best.

Mentioned during the chat was this photo of her 'mega off' during the Fort William World Cup, which left Becci with concussion for 3 weeks. It didn't stop her heading straight to the bar, once she collected her bike that was half way down the trail!

British Downhill legend Steve Peat shared this with me. " One story I know is, she once rode Peaty's drop in Grenoside Woods years ago on a shit bike. I know I'd only hit that on my downhill bike! She's a beast mate! Get some beers down her for the good stories."

Here's that video:

If you want to find out more about this mad chicken, check her out on the following:

Instagram - @becciskelly or her business platform is @becciskelton_mtb_training

Facebook - @becciskeltonmtbtraining

Becci assures me she doesn't always crash! Keep flying sister and looking forwards to following your progress once racing is back underway.

Both Becci and myself ride for and


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