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Insta Live Series - Helen Scott MBE

Helen is probably one of the nicest people within the British Cycling programme, however her attitude to training and racing are ferocious! Helen has won everything there is to win in track cycling along with her tandem partner Sophie Thornhill MBE. Together they are current Paralympic, Commonwealth, World and National Champions, and it doesn't stop there. Current World record holders for the 1Km Time Trail AND, world record holders for the flying 200m. I forget now how many medals Helen and Sohpie have won, but they will go down in the history books as one of the greatest pairings in tandem track cycling of all time. This silky smooth pairing are the queens of efficiency when it comes to racing, and have been a pleasure to watch rule the boards over the years I've been involved in the BC programme.

I speak to Helen who faces a new challenge. With Sophie retiring from the sport with the postponement of the Tokyo Games, Helen now has a new race on her hands. With one year to go, she needs to find a new visually impaired partner to defend the Paralympic title she fought so hard to claim.

If you would like to follow Helen her instagram handle is:

Helen, known to most as Scottie, is also a BC Level 3 coach, so if you want to work with Scottie to achieve your best, I can highly recommend her as a fantastic and very motivating coach. I employed her to coach my wife Caroline for her London to Paris cycle ride in 2019, and was super impressed at the detail and support she gave Caroline.

I'm super lucky to have the likes and experience of Scottie as a team mate. I hope you enjoy the chat. I'd also like to wish Sophie all the very best for her future, and congratulate her on an outstanding career in cycling.

Cheers Scottie for your time mate, much appreciated!


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