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Insta Live Series - Joseph Ogunmokun

I met Joe a couple of weeks back, he was undertaking a huge cycling challenge. Riding from Wimbledon to San Tropez on a turbo trainer (virtually), to raise money for his dear friend and mentor Ben Chatfield. Joe is new to cycling and took on this incredible challenge which I respected massively. Our paths crossed as Joe was doing his ride over three weeks on instagram live, which he bought a massive amount of energy to the platform. It became additive to jump on insta and see what Joe and his 'NRG CREW' were getting up too, DJ sets, emoji bingo, incredible guest speakers. All while this man sat still pedalling his bike.

We over ran our time, but it was worth getting Joe back on, so here's part 2

Over the past month the world has reached breaking point regarding racism. George Floyd tragically lost his life at the hands of an American police officer, which was caught on film and went viral, and the black people of the world camp together

to say thats it, no more, this has to stop, and rightly so. We the white people of this world need to be better, and treat black people as equals, there is no good reason not to, and we should be ashamed this has taken so long.

I spoke to Joe about what it is like to be a black man into todays world, to get his experience and his thoughts on the current situation. Joe is a true gentleman, well educated and speaks from the heart. I loved speaking to him and loved the insight into his world. I thank you Joe for your honesty and love brother. Enjoy people!

If you would like to follow Joe, you can reach him here:



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