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Insta Live Series - Naomi Freireich

What an absolute pleasure it was to speak to this amazing women! Naomi has an incredible story, one that starts in a controlling abusive relationship and ends with becoming a European 24hr MTB Champion. We talk racing bikes all night long, mental health and adventures in the pipe line! I'd really like to thank Naomi for being so open and honest about her past, it takes true courage to speak like she does about what must have been an incredibly challenging time.

Naomi is supported by Gore bike wear, Mason Cycles and Exposure lights.

We wish Naomi all the best in her mission to win even more 24hr races and set more fastest known times (FKT) in routes around the country.

If you want to follow Naomi's adventures, instagram is the place to keep up to date with this wonder women.

Her instagram handle is @frikfrak74


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