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Magic pills

I have to admit I had never come across BioCare until they approached me and offered their support.I was unsure at first, being an athlete that is drug tested you think twice before you start shoving pills down your neck. There is a lot on the line if a test comes back positive, a loss of contract, banned from the sport, and all those hours of hard work down the tubes as the people who think they know something about cycling say….’just another doper! Thats why they got results.’

When I mentioned BioCare to a few friends the replies were always positive. The nutritional and medical staff I deal with even gave it the thumbs up, so I gave them a call back to see what they were offering. Now I’m no house hold name and there were no million pound deals on the table, however Mark from BioCare was honest and up front and thought their products would be of benefit to me. The load we put on our bodies as athletes is relentless, you seem to live in a constant world of fatigue. There is an unbelievable amount of preparation that goes into racing on the world stage which I never appreciated until I was a part of it. I think we all fall into the trap of watching athletes do amazing things on television and think they are just ‘really’ talented! Being a part of that world is very different and the support we have around us is unbelievable and what we do as athlete’s wouldn’t be possible without that support. For me I’ve come to learn that BioCare is a part of my inner circle support system.

I’m writing an honest review of my experience over the past few months of taking BioCare’s products. I’m not going to tell you that these are the magic pills to make you go faster, loose weight or have a great figure. That taking these will make you rich and famous and you will feel a million dollars……but maybe they will? Since I started taking the Probiotic, 1 A Day Vitamin and the EPA Fish Oils Mark from BioCare recommended to me, changes weren’t dramatic or instant but after a while I felt able to push my body that bit harder by upping my training load. The main benefit would have to be the lack of illness.I haven’t been ill or felt as trashed as I normally do building up to races where everything in your body is pushed to the limit to perform. Even when travelling which for athletes is a big deal, flying is a horror show of germs which always see’s someone in the squad getting ill. I’ve not suffered stomach pains, aches or discomfort even after racing in Europe at 38 degrees for hours at a time. Drinking tap water in some countries can be an issue as well which I haven’t a problem with. No colds or flu bugs even my fatigue levels aren’t as low as they were. That little bit more I have been able to push in training without the fear of getting sick is what I’m hoping will take us from a silver medal in the Italian World Cup race to a gold medal in the coming World Championships in a few days time in Switzerland. Sometimes when you’re feeling good it’s the last session that pushes you over the edge and you get ill and miss a week in the blink of an eye, you go backwards instead of forwards. Taking these small supplements with a well balanced diet has helped me get more from myself during training and recovery. The margins aren’t massive but they are gains. You may not notice them over night or even a week later but I’ve found given time they will support you to give a bit more and stay healthy.

The reassurance with the BioCare products that I’m using is they’re batch tested through Informed Sport. These guys work closely with the World Anti Doping Association to keep sport ‘clean’ and on a level playing field. So for me there’s a guarantee that these guys care about what they are suppling me. BioCare aren’t trying the sell the ‘magic pill’ to make you the worlds best, from what I can make out they are a company that are providing high end supplements and believe in giving the people that use them the best products they can produce. In my experience from taking the BioCare supplements that I do, I will continue to do so. As well as working with the BioCare team to give them honest feedback that makes them understand how their products work in the everyday lives of people trying to get the best out of themselves every day their eye’s open in the morning.

If you are interested in using these products, the links are below. Also some information on the Informed Sport range:

BioAcidophilus Forte:

Mega EPA

One A Day Vitamins and Minerals:

The Informed Sport range:


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