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Slack Life lessons.

Slack Lining in the local woods.

I've been doing a fair amount of Slack Lining lately. I've needed time away from riding my bike to get a fresh prospective on what I'm trying to achieve in life. We are now pretty close to the Tokyo 2020 Games and the run up is pretty crazy, so it's nice to step away and take a few breaths between training sessions. I realised making this short video that there was an important life lesson. One that I wished I understood a lot better as a young boy. That is -

To succeed, you first must learn to embrace failure.

I never really understood this until much later in my life, that it's okay to fail, In fact, it's good too. You learn an awful lot about yourself when things don't go to plan. If you can chalk these up to 'experiences' and learn from them, you are in a much better place to succeed the next time you try.

So stay calm, enjoy the experience, have a passion for the journey, and you will have success, eventually.




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