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The aim of these insta lives, is to create a platform of content that inspire's wisdom and learning for all. I have be privileged to speak to these amazing people and heard their stories first hand. I wanted to capture those moments and precious gems of knowledge, and have those available for other's who missed the live chat to re live the moment. If you have someone who you think is an interesting character, has daring tails of adventure, or just has a fantastic story please get in touch                

I hope you find some inspiration from these wonderful guests, and their wisdom sparks your next adventure or path in life. If this is the case, please let me know in the comments. Likewise if you want someone back on for more chat, drop me an email in the link above or via the contacts page. 

Thanks to everyone who has kindly given their time for this project.


© 2020 by Stephen Bate MBE
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